September 21, 2020

Capturing the New Market Movers: The HomeViewNV Advantage

The digital age is changing both the way home buyers find listings and what they expect to see included in them. It is also shaping the new buyer’s profile.

The home-buying demographics breakdown as follows:

37% Millennials (37 years old and younger)

26% Gen X (38 to 52 years old)

32% Boomers (53 to 71 years old)

06% Silent Generation (72 years and older)

Rest assured, already holding the top position, millennials’ share of the market will only continue to grow. Putting generational trends like these into context offers the chance for agents to both better understand their client’s needs and also seize on the opportunity to tailor their approach to best fit the home buyers and how they consume information on the digital landscape.

The HomeViewNV 3D virtual open house is tool that takes advantage of the new generation of home buyer.

Here are some other advantages to embracing this technology: 

Stand out from your competitors – Despite adopting modern marketing methods, sellers still go down the traditional route of inviting three estate agents to value their home. If you’re using 3D virtual walkthroughs and your rivals aren’t, you have created an instant differentiator. (And you’ve save time!)

Boost leads and inquiries – Properties listed with virtual walkthroughs can achieve as many as four times the number of inquiries and generate 49% more leads than conventional listings.

Portals are now primed – Redfin, Sotheby’s and Better Homes and Garden (not to mention Google Street View) all now incorporate functionality to allow 3D virtual walkthroughs – not just on desktop sites but on mobile and versions too. The portals actively sought virtual walkthrough partnerships with companies such as Matterport, and have acknowledged their value as a listings tool.

Achieve a higher sale price – Research indicates that virtual walkthroughs can help achieve higher sales prices – with clients reporting agreed sales as much as 50% above the asking price.

Sell homes quicker – Properties sell five times faster with virtual walkthroughs than traditional imagery so if you’re worried about a home languishing on the market, order a virtual walkthrough.

Engage more people – It’s a real buzzword but engagement is important in property. If a buyer can interact with a listing and even control their viewing experience, they’re more likely to connect with a property.

Offer 24/7 viewings – A virtual walkthrough gives you the ability to guide a potential buyer around a property at any time. It’s great if you work remotely or want to appease a client who requests a property tour outside of your normal business hours. 

HomeViewNv is is your competitive edge for your listing presentation and the necessary marketing edge for today…and moving forward into the future. Call 775-502-7905 for pricing and information.

September 21, 2020 News