October 12, 2020

Home Shoppers Are Trending Toward Sight Unseen Purchases. No Problem with HomeViewNV

A growing number of house hunters across the country are making the biggest financial decision of their lives sight unseen.

According to a recent survey by Redfin, a national online real estate brokerage with more than 1,000 agents, almost half (45%) of people who bought a home in the past year made an offer on a property that they hadn’t seen in person, the highest share since at least 2015, according to a new report from Redfin (, the technology-powered real estate brokerage. That’s up from just 28% during the same period last year, and 20% in July 2015, when Redfin posed this question for the first time. Redfin agents cite health concerns around the pandemic, accelerating migration trends, and competition fueled by a worsening housing shortage as reasons more buyers are bidding on homes before visiting them.

And in a survey of 45 New York City-based agents conducted by, more than half said that in the past six months they had worked with at least one buyer who was purchasing a primary home without visiting it first.

HomeViewNV offers a clear path for remote purchases, providing peace of mind for buyers  and a valuable tool for sellers during uncertain times and uncertain rules on public meeting protocols.

More primary home buyers purchasing already-built properties are willing to go in blind, in part because technology has improved the remote-viewing process. It is becoming more than necessary to use these tools in a hot market like Northern Nevada that is being fueled by new businesses, especially in the high-tech and advanced manufacturing category coming into the region, particularly from California.

HomeViewNV gives agents and sellers the best tool for remote sales. It’s not a Facetime walk through on a cell phone: The Matterport platform is a virtual walk through that allows viewers r to move as they would through the home. The platform also provides accurate measurements  for home furnishings or move-in remodeling  plans.

As the buying public leans more and more into e-commerce, HomeViewNV stands ready to put your listings in front of the new marketplace. Click here to find out more about our Matterport platform and suite of marking tools.

October 12, 2020 News