August 5, 2020

Your property, brought to life with and the Matterport 3D Media System

Agents will blow prospective buyers away with HomeViewNv’s 3D Showcase—an immersive, online 3D experience that gives buyers a true sense of your property before they ever see it in person.

We put Matterport’s industry-leading technology to work for your listing. This will weed out the less-interested, and attract more qualified buyers. It’s a simple process to get your listing in immersive 3D, ready for a COVID-safe showing.

  1. We scan your property with the Matterport Pro Camera.
  2. Within 48 hours, your virtual Matterport Space is ready to experience.
  3. Anyone can explore with ease, right from their browser.

The Matterport interface on provides three unique viewing experiences:

  • Inside View—Navigate a property like a video game with your mouse or touch screen.
  • Dollhouse View—Shows how an entire property fits together.
  • Floorplan View—Understand layout in a glance with a top-down perspective.

Your HomeViewNV experience will create an immediate, lasting emotional connection to a property because they can experience it as if they were really there. Plus HomeViewNV will build on that buzz with a suite of marketing plans that include direct mail, social media posts, a unique home URL, targeted direct mail, and e-mail blasts.

The bottom line is to captivate the buyer to motivate them to make that offer.

August 5, 2020 News